Hillsdale College 父母 Weekend on October 9, 2021.

奖学金 & 金融援助

素质教育. 负担得起的成本.

A nationally ranked, private liberal arts education can be within reach at Hillsdale College. We’re proud to be recognized as a “Best Value,” and to cost significantly less than our competitors, all without accepting any government funds.

Nearly all Hillsdale College students benefit from privately-funded assistance, whether in the form of scholarships, 奖助金, 贷款, 或者学生就业. These opportunities are made possible by generous donors from around the country who believe in Hillsdale’s principled independence, and in the potential of Hillsdale graduates to make an impact in the world. We’ll personally tailor a package to meet your situation.


Scholarship Opportunities

Generous 奖学金 to Recognize Your Achievements

Hillsdale offers hundreds of privately funded scholarships to recognize the talents and achievements of our students, whether they excel in the class房间, 运动场地, or on the performance stage, or have distinguished themselves as leaders in their schools, 教堂, 或社区.

Scholarship Opportunities

Institutional Independence

Independent, on Principle

As a matter of principle, Hillsdale doesn’t accept any federal or state subsidy to fund its operations, not even indirectly in the form of federal student aid. Instead, we provide for student aid with our own private funds.

结果是, you won’t have to complete the FAFSA as part of the process at Hillsdale; you’ll be invited to use our Confidential Family Financial Statement (CFFS), which many families find easier and less invasive.

Our independence allows us to maintain the integrity of our classical liberal arts curriculum, and to remain true to our founding mission of providing an education to “all persons who wish, irrespective of nationality, color, 或性.”

Need-Based 金融援助


A Nationally-Recognized Education for a Fraction of the Cost

Hillsdale charges students significantly less in billed tuition, 房间, 董事会, and fees than what it costs the College to educate them. Hillsdale students benefit from generations of donors who have invested in the College to keep it affordable, knowing the payoff is in the good work of Hillsdale graduates around the country and around the world.

学费 & 成本


有经验的, friendly staff of Hillsdale’s 金融援助 Office is happy to help with questions about financing your education.


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