A Hillsdale student speaks with faculty as they walk across campus.


不管你今天住在哪里, you’re never too far away to get involved and give back to your alma mater. 志愿者, connect with current students, give back, and get involved. 我们想听听你的意见.

支持经营 because you believe in everything that’s good and true and beautiful. Because you know firsthand the power of a liberal arts education. Because professors believed heart and soul in the person you could become. Because you believe in the principles of self-government and integrity that have exemplified Hillsdale from the very beginning.



Hillsdale is an extraordinary institution because of alumni like you. By getting involved with the College—through volunteering, 指导, 招聘, or serving—you further strengthen Hillsdale’s tight-knit community.

There are many ways you can volunteer for the College and work with current students. 你的一些选择包括:

  • 担任校友会成员
  • 职业生涯辅导
  • 雇佣一名学生或校友
  • 巴黎人官方网站
  • 做班级大使

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经营大学, Central Hall and Civil War Statue.

大家都知道, Hillsdale does not accept even one penny of federal or state financial aid for grants, 贷款, 或奖学金. Our deeply established tradition of philanthropy ensures we are not beholden to government regulations that would conflict with our education mission.

The generous support of our alumni and donors is transforming lives every day—and helps make Hillsdale significantly more affordable than many of our peers. You’ll be happy to know that our loan program has one of the lowest default rates in the nation—powerful testimony to both our carefully tailored financial aid packages and the character of Hillsdale students.

You can make a gift in support of day-to-day life at Hillsdale. Or earmark your gift to honor a favorite professor, department, or campus organization. 你的天赋真的很重要.

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在就业服务方面, we support our students in determining post-Hillsdale plans with a respect for the intellect and character that make Hillsdale graduates unique. We help students reflect on their Hillsdale education and evaluate what they love, 他们如何找到满足感, 以及如何思考他们在世界上的位置.

除了毕业, our office is here to continue supporting you through your professional development. We also recognize you as an irreplaceable resource to current students, as you represent the college’s mission fulfilled and demonstrate what it means to take a Hillsdale education into the world.




The 校友 Board has thirty active members and functions as the executive branch of the 校友会. The board currently has representation from five fraternities and three sororities and represents nine states. 成员们每年举行三次正式会议, 通常9月, 2月, 和5月, and have several projects on which they work year-long. 他们在返乡计划中发挥了重要作用, assisting the 职业服务 Department in placing graduates, 支持学院的发展工作, 促进校友与学生的关系, and assisting with admissions efforts in their home areas.



承诺 (extending from a few months to several years) can be made in writing and mailed to:


Please print clearly and in full your name, mailing address, and telephone number. 说明承诺的全部金额, 你的付款时间表, 以及每次质押付款的金额和日期. You may designate your pledge to general operations or to a specific program or project.

The Advancement Office will send you a pledge reminder if you request it.

If you wish to honor the memory of a family member or friend by making a contribution to 经营大学, please write us at the above address and include the name of the individual you are honoring. Please state the designation of the gift if you wish. We will contact the family to let them know a donation has been made.

The 礼物 and 遗产规划 Office can also assist you with a donation of a personal residence, 农场, 假期回家, 商业地产, 或者其他不动产, which can provide you with tax savings and other benefits. 请巴黎人官方网站了解更多信息.

If you wish to explore this practical method of supporting Hillsdale, you can receive a beneficial charitable contribution deduction in the year of transfer. 如需讨论此选项,请与我们联系.

If you are planning for a charitable tax deduction but are undecided about making specific distributions consider opening a Donor Advised Fund.

The minimum gift for a Donor Advised Fund 在巴黎人注册网站 is $25,000. 请巴黎人官方网站了解更多信息.

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To transfer securities electronically from a brokerage account, 你需要以下资料:

摩根士丹利(Morgan Stanley)
DTC # 0015

On the date of transfer, call (517) 607-2239, or fax the information to (517) 607-2657. 所有信件寄至:

Mr. 帕特里克·H. 弗兰纳里


Do you have questions about giving to 经营大学 or want more information about volunteering?